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I always say it takes courage to believe. Our beliefs lie at the center of our being, defining and shaping how we perceive the entire world around us. So when our beliefs are challenged, our identity is usually rocked to its foundation. We’re then left questioning everything we thought we knew about life.

  • Who am I?
  • What’s my purpose on this planet?
  • Why do I even exist?
  • Will I ever hold a significant place in this world?
  • Does anybody really know me or care about me?

Though these and other questions are always present underneath the surface of our conscious minds, such questions and insecurities are often exposed, especially when we’re introduced to ideas that challenge our worldview.

Unfortunately, people have been convinced that to not been seen as out of touch with society or current cultural trends, their belief-system must evolve, and therefore, they must accept almost any and all new information. But when new ideas or concepts are presented to us, we still grapple with decisions about what new information we should accept, and what new information we must fundamentally reject, and our reasons why. Answering these types of questions takes courage.

Furthermore, once we discover new ideas worth embracing, we must ask ourselves if we’ll have the courage to accept them, allowing them to shape us, or if we’ll reject any new thoughts and hold fast to our personal status quo simply because we’re too afraid to change.

This journal is designed to take you on a journey of discovering what’s at the root of your core belief system, and once you get there, to help you process whether or not you should keep, modify or reject any of your core ideologies.

My hope is that as you read through these pages you would be renewed in the attitude of your mind and be more determined than ever to adopt God’s perspectives on the issues of life. Once your belief system is exposed to ultimate truth, I pray that you would have the courage to believe.

Get more out of life,